Steely Dan | Everything Must Go – Lost Gem


Steely Dan’s Everything Must Go is their second studio album of the 21st century century. It’s also the last album to feature guitarist Walter Becker. The overwhelming reception to 2000’s Two Against Nature, the first Steely Dan studio album in 20 years, undoubtedly fueled their desire to make another record. Though it may not have the sheen of Aja, the album shows little signs of the group easing up.

Everything Must Go is a hip-shaking snapper, clean and brisk as always, and completely co-written by the band’s principals, Walter Becker and Donald Fagan. Just to show how loose and unrefined this album is, Becker turns in a lead vocal for the first time in the band’s history on “Slang Of Ages,” a strange little ode that plays it close to home.

Elsewhere, the trademark Steely Dan sound shines through on tunes like “The Last Mall” and “Lunch With Gina,” while diversions such as “Godwhacker” and the jazzy title track simply make the whole trip a worthwhile experience. It’s almost like the late 70s all over again. If Donald Fagan never issues another album under the Steely Dan name, Everything Must Go will remain their final studio statement.

~ Shawn Perry

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