Queensrÿche | March 28, 2019 | Fonda Theatre | Hollywood, CA – Concert Review & Photo Gallery


Review & Photos by Joe Schaeffer

Queensrÿche came to Hollywood on their headline tour in support of their 2019 album The Verdict. The record, their third featuring singer Todd LaTorre, was released in March through Century Media.

La Torre took the stage and dove right into “Blood Of The Levant” from the latest CD. Todd isn’t only an excellent singer; this guy is a real front man that can entertain the fans with excellent vocals but also a presence on stage that some other lead singers might miss. They followed that up with “I Am I” and “NM 156.” With those, the show was off to a fantastic start.

As the show continues we can see that Parker Lundgren and Michael Wilton make a more than formidable guitar duo, trading licks back and forth on several tracks. Wilton has put himself more and more into the forefront.

Founding member Eddie Jackson along with Casey Grillo provide a more than solid foundation for Queensrÿche songs. Jackson set with his bass a constant groove for this night by not really looking for the spotlight. He filled the venue with the rhythm that was in an almost clockwork precise synchronization with Grillo’s powerful drumming.

The set included “Man the Machine,” “Light Years” and “Propaganda Fashion” from The Verdict. “Open Road” from 2013’s Queensrÿche and the title track from 2015’s  Condition Human were both culled from LaTorre fronted albums.

Eye catching on this evening was the incredible and colorful video show on stage, which even included screens on Grillo’s bass drum heads. As the show continued, they ripped into “Queen Of The Reich.” It is still one of the great classic hard rock tracks of all time. It’s great to see it in the set.

The quintet also included arguably the most successful Queensrÿche track, “Silent Lucidity.” Even “Screaming In Digital” from Rage For Order was performed as well as a great version of “Take Hold Of The Flame.”  It was followed up by “Eyes of a Stranger,” which brought the main set to a close. The band reappeared for a two-song encore of “Jet City Woman” and “Empire.”

Queensrÿche delivered its set with high-caliber precision and obvious passion. It was great to see this band back in spirited form and once again enjoying what they do. If they hit your town, you will not be disappointed.

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