British Lion | The Burning – CD Review


In 2012, British Lion, featuring Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, released their eponymous debut album. Presenting a decidedly more classic rock sound than what Harris does with Maiden, it was certainly interesting to hear what the man with a different band was capable of. Coming eight years later, British Lion’s second release, The Burning has Harris on bass and keyboards, vocalist Richard Taylor, guitarists David Hawkins and Grahame Leslie, and drummer Simon Dawson, providing an easy-to-digest, accessible collection of 11 new songs.

“Father Lucifer” sees some cool pull-off guitar riffs with Harris and Dawson dueling down the middle. “Last Chance” begins as a ballad but quickly gets fast and heavy, while the anthemic “Legend” is a sing-along you can easily imagine an arena full of fans joining in. “Spit Fire” and  “Native Son,” showcasing Taylor especially, reveal a pop rock sensibility. The Burning presents a mix of sweet and solid melodies, driven by the upfront speed bass style of Harris. It might be slightly lighter in tone than what Iron Maiden fans are used to, but there is no ignoring that the playing and writing shine through.

~ Ralph Greco, Jr.

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