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Vintage Rock can be many things to many people. For our purposes, it is music that people have been digging for 10, 20, 30, even 40 years; it never fades and by the looks of things, it doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. Instead, Vintage Rock endures, captures moments in time, radiates and encapsulates. It is — dare I say — timeless.

Like a fine bottle of wine, great music gets better with time. Why do you think we still listen to Beethoven and Bach? Because it still sounds fresh, it still excites and stimulates and culls our interests; and maybe it even makes the hair on our arms stand to attention and relish in the sheer beauty and brilliance of it all. Everyone has their own way of savoring the music, whether they're moved to dance, jump and shout, or fall into a hypnotic state of nirvana with visions of incense, peppermint and marmalade pies careening in their craniums. The real charge is being able to listen to the same music 25 years later, and still have the same reaction.

This site came about because I found out I wasn't the only one listening to Pink Floyd, the Beatles, the Stones, Zeppelin, Tull, the Grateful Dead, Elvis, the Who, the Kinks - just to name a few. These are bands and artists whose creative peaks have come and gone, but their popularity and impact continues to sweep in members of every generation. I mean, isn't it cool you can listen to Houses of The Holy with your kid, and both agree it's a powerful album. (I tried this with my father and it didn't quite pan out). But as I'm updating this About Us section, I'm also happy to say that I have since embraced a lot of the newer "classic" flavored artists like the Black Crowes, Beck, Phish, R.E.M. and Government Mule. That's the beauty of Vintage Rock...always timeless, no matter what year or era it originates from.

Anyway, I met a couple guys considerably younger than me who were as struck by the genius of John Lennon and the guitar prowess of Jimi Hendrix as I was. In fact, they probably know more than me. They listen to the old records and CDs, the bootlegs, the outtakes and the covers; they read and watch the interviews, the concerts, the VH1 specials, the books and diatribes. Indeed, they probably indulge too much of their time into this stuff. Yet, I’m right in the thick of it myself. While most guys my age are busy making ends meet, keeping their heads above water with a family and a career, I'm busy debating who played bass guitar for Head East, or why Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will probably never work together again — basically covering items of conversation that most people gave up on years ago.

Or did they? I see them when I go to the shows; I talk to them when I log onto a newsgroup. But there aren’t too many other outlets. Rolling Stone magazine, which used to be at the cutting edge of popular music, is now more interested in following fashion trends and movie stars. Relix is great if you're Deadhead. And of course, there's alot of great information on the Web about anyone you can imagine. But is it enough?

Vintage Rock wants to fill the void. We plan on telling you about those great Web sites. We also plan on going back and taking a look at the shows, the records and the artists that, we feel, fit under the Vintage Rock umbrella. Best of all, because Vintage Rock is boundless in what it actually is, we welcome input from the outside.

If you went to a Lynyrd Skynrd concert back in 1976 that you've just been dying to tell someone about, tell us. And we'll tell the world. If you just listened to The Wall for the 16 zillionth time, and it suddenly dawned on you that it packs as solid a punch as it did back in 1979, then...let us know, and we'll pass it on. By the same token, if you went to see The Arctic Monkeys last night, and are convinced that 10 years from now, that show will be at the tip of everyone's tongue, we'll...take it under consideration.

At any rate, welcome to Vintage Rock. I can't tell you how often we'll be updating this site (update: frequently), but it will be often (see what I mean). It really depends on how many people take an interest. Like a fine bottle of wine, let's see if we can make this better with time.

Shawn Perry, Publisher/Editor


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