Best Of Rock: 10 New Years Wishes

NYEI have to admit that, for me, the holidays are more about those great Rankin and Bass animated specials and eating mom’s food than anything else. I do, however, have some rock and roll wishes for the new year I'd like to share. Below are the things I really do wish for — beyond my yearly prayer that Halle Berry stops by and sets herself all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed under my tree:

1 ) An interview with John Deacon. I’m not saying I could do it (though I would have some interesting questions) but someone, somewhere should find the Queen bassist and ask him a few juicy questions. I know the guy has given his blessing for his band mates to carry on and I know he more or less wants to live a quiet life. But imagine what the usually quiet ex-Queen bassman and songwriter would have to offer.

2) All bands with all original members still living need to reform! “Supertramp, ELP (beyond a one-off), Dire Straits — really anybody who might still be around and can play. It’s a sticky wicket to be sure as many musicians are no longer at it nor have the chops (and a few of the bands that do reform are sad versions of their former selves). By hey guys and girls, at least try!

3) All bands without all original members and are still playing under the name of the original band, please consider retiring. I didn’t want to see Fleetwood Mac all those hired hands in Christine McVie’s place. At least, these bands should have the nucleus of the hit making-machine on stage. As for the Who and Skynyrd? How many have to go until you ain’t that group anymore.

4) Shut down the obviously corrupt and very un-rock and roll, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

5) Forget passing ObamaCare and stimulus packages. Congress needs to pass a federal law outlawing the use of auto-tuning at live events.

6) No more rock star reality shows!

7) Shut down the Grammys.

8) Everyone everywhere stop attending concerts, movies, plays, etc. Bemoaning ticket prices? Watch how a complete boycott of live events would see prices drop immediately. Man, if we could only have done this with the government, huh?

9) Bring back the concept album. Hell, bring back albums in general. We all need to crack out our vinyl (or get a hold of your dad’s) and give it a go. Hear how much better rock and roll sounds hissing, skipping and revolving then it does all clean and pristine as it does off of CDs. Then we get back to bands making music conceptually for full albums, not just song by song downloads.

10) Peace to all men and women and to all a good night.

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