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Ringo Starr

DCC Compact Classics
GZS-1066 24K Gold Disc

Can't get enough Ringo this summer? Check out the only DCC title featuring all four Beatles (no, never at once -- unfortunately). Considered by some to be his strongest post-Beatle effort, RINGO features Lennon's "I Am The Greatest," The McCartneys' "Six O'Clock," and Hari's "Photograph." All in best ever sound quality, the kind many have come to expect from DCC. Bonus tracks include "It Don't Come Easy," and its B-side ("Early 1970"), as well as the B-side for the "Photograph" single ("Down And Out"). The booklet contains picture labels and sleeves as well as the lyrics and illustrations (thanks Klaus) of the original LP. If you like this album enough to own it on any format, this gold CD is the one. The fidelity is very consistent throughout, and down right breath-taking at times. A must have for any Fab Fan. If you have trouble locating this, or any DCC title, you can order direct by calling 1-800-301-musi(c). Say hi to Brigitte.

Jethro Tull

DCC Compact Classics
GZS-1105 24K Gold Disc

Two of the most obvious albums to never make the grade when it was time for the big jump to digital were Aqualung and Jefferson Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow.

Fortunately for Tull fans, the recent Chrysalis/EMI re-issue on CD did not prevent Aqualung from a treatment on gold disc. Originally issued in the dark age of CDs (mid 80's), AQUALUNG was taken from an EQ'd safety copy at best, and even when they "fixed" it, it never sounded quite "right." So the task has been left up to Steve Hoffman and the good people at DCC. Anyone familiar with the small, audiophile re-issue label based in Chatsworth, California can guess that (once again) DCC has risen to the occasion.

From the infamous opening guitar riff of the title track (hot tip: turn it up) to the final strains of "Wind Up," the end result is an amazing aural improvement throughout. Ian Anderson's voice and flute rise to the top of the speakers like the head in a stein of your favorite ale. Recorders, mellotrons and a thousand drums and percussion (funny, I only count 900) ring loud and clear, warm and bright.

As with Wings' Red Rose Speedway (GZS-1091) and Badfinger's No Dice (GZS- 1095), the artwork/film restoration staff at Complete Color have put together a flawless booklet with strict attention to type setting, liner notes, graphics and just the right tint of green on a high gloss cover. The only thing missing is the reproduction of the label from the original vinyl pressing -- which is a staple of DCC artwork, bringing the Long Player experience to compact disc (damn lawyers!).

Knowing Hoffman would rather be quarter-drawn than remix a multi-track when the original two-track master is available and in good shape, the fidelity from the original tape is unreal. That is to say, it's never been *more* real. Transfers to Cd this hot are well worth the wait, and make up for times the release wasn't up to snuff. Thanks for correcting another error in our audio heritage, Steve. I'm sure Ian thanks you too.

Footnote: Bonus BBC live cuts from the newest aluminum release are not included, so you need them both. If you're lucky enough to have the new DCC Aqualung, and it's your only Tull gold disc, seek out the MoFi Cds of Thick As A Brick (UDCD 510) and Stand Up (UDCD 524) -- as they're out of print and limited to stock on hand.

DCC: 1-800-301-musi(c)
MFSL: 1-800-423-5759

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