How Vintage Rock Acts
Have Come To The Forefront
Of The Online Casino Industry

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Online slot games are the most popular variant of online casino game in a booming industry, which was worth $41.77 billion in 2017 and is projected to grow to $59.79 by 2020. Needless to say, iGaming developers have targeted this market for their products and there are thousands of different online slots with varying themes. Some designs are retro and hark back to the one-armed bandits of old, while others are based on TV shows like South Park. Perhaps unexpectedly, another theme which has come to the forefront of the sector has been to base the games on classic rock acts. So how have these types of game become so popular?

Pop Culture Themes in Slots

When looking at lists of real money online slots and seeing titles like Iron Man 2, The Dark Knight, and Gladiator, it is clear that there is a huge market for slot games based on things that have been massive hits in popular culture. Players are likely to be attracted to the games because of a love for the original product and a need to experience more of it, and also because of familiarity. The slots often feature aspects of the thing they are based on as well. For instance, the Dark Knight has short cut scenes from the Christopher Nolan film, as well as the main characters as symbols on the reels.

Vintage Rock Acts Accompanied by Top Tracks

Slot games based on vintage rock acts have become successful for the same reasons. Some of the most notable offerings at top Canadian slots sites include the Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and Motörhead slot games, which were all created by industry leaders NetEnt. The games will almost certainly attract fans of the classic rock legends, and as an added bonus players get to enjoy some of the greatest hits while they spin the reels.

Looking at the Guns N’ Roses slot as an example, fans are treated to a playlist that includes Appetite For Destruction classics such as "Welcome To The Jungle" and "Paradise City." On the reels, instead of the original fruit symbols that began on the Liberty Bell hand-operated slot machine, there are album covers and guitar picks. When players spin the reels they have the opportunity to activate special features such as the “Crowd Pleaser Bonus” and the “Encore” mode. These side games allow players to go for the big cash prizes while also listening to rip-roaring guitar solos from Slash.

Another reason why these artists have worked so well as slot game themes could be due to the fact that the rock industry has often been associated with gambling. Motörhead especially were known for their love of gambling and slot machines. Although some may think that blackjack is the band’s favorite game due to the song "Ace of Spades," Lemmy actually said that he preferred playing the one-armed bandits.

With the slot games from NetEnt attracting so many players, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more vintage rock acts immortalized on the reels in the years to come. It’s certainly a great way to show these awesome bands to a younger audience.

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